How to tie up tomatoes: a step-by-step description of the best ways to tie up tomatoes with your own hands (120 photos + video)
Why tie at all? With the help of proper tying, you can correctly form bushes. Properly carried out procedure
Growing mushrooms in a polycarbonate greenhouse at the dacha all year round. Step-by-step technology for growing different types of mushrooms
Growing mushrooms in a greenhouse is a promising branch of agriculture. This culture can always be found
Planting onions on feathers (on greens) in a greenhouse in the spring: the best varieties, cultivation features, yield
Any fresh greens are especially popular in winter and spring, when gardens are still covered with snow,
White cabbage for pickling
Do I need to add water and sugar to sauerkraut? How to make sauerkraut correctly: recipes for tasty and healthy sauerkraut, how long to keep it under pressure, do you need to drain the brine?
Many housewives wonder whether it is necessary to put water and sugar in sauerkraut? Needed
How to Make a Greenhouse for Tomatoes: Detailed Instructions
Greenhouse / Types of greenhouses Photo of a simple greenhouse made independently. Nothing can make you so happy
How to tie up tomatoes: the best methods, equipment and materials. Step-by-step instructions + photos and video reviews
Growing tomatoes is a troublesome business. Despite the apparent simplicity of cultivation, this crop requires both special
Ultra-early tomato “White filling”: we grow seedlings from seeds, transplant them into a greenhouse or soil and enjoy the harvest
Ripening period: early Shape, fruit weight: round, flattened, 110 grams Bush type: determinate Regions
Ural summer resident seeds reviews
Seeds “Ural summer resident”: reviews, varieties and hybrids
The issue of choosing high-quality planting material does not lose its relevance throughout the year. Passionate
How many days and at what temperature does cabbage ferment at room temperature?
Greenhouse / Current issues Sauerkraut is an incomparably healthy and tasty preparation. It's important to get it right
Photo of sauerkraut
It is best to ferment cabbage for the winter, adhering to the lunar calendar
One of the most popular dishes on our tables is salted and sauerkraut.
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