Peat - types, main properties, where it is used and extraction
Peat is one of the types of minerals. It is formed as a result of the decomposition of plants during
High and low peat
What is peat and how to properly use peat fertilizer for the garden
In order for peat to benefit your garden, you need to know, firstly, some of its features.
what green manures are best to sow in autumn
What to do with green manure in the greenhouse in the fall. Green manure: sowing in a greenhouse in autumn
Category: Green manure Reading time: 11 min · Views: 10,237 Having planted green manure in the fall, you
What fertilizers to apply in the fall: fertilizing options
Most gardeners have been thinking about what fertilizers to apply in the fall since the summer. This is easy to explain, because
Seal up green manure: how and when should it be done?
Growing a good harvest of fruits and vegetables is not an easy task. Most crops require fertile soils
When to dig in the fall. Why do they dig up the ground in the fall?
When to dig in the fall. Why do they dig up the ground in the fall?
Cleaning the garden for the winter. Make it before winter. 7 important things to do at the dacha in the fall Collect
When and how to prune trees in the fall. Preparing the garden for winter, pruning, whitewashing trees. How to properly prune apple, pear, plum, apricot, honeysuckle, and grapes in the fall
Proper pruning of fruit trees is the basis of a beautiful, well-groomed, harvest-rich garden. Features of autumn
What to do in spring with green manure planted in autumn. Features of autumn sowing
How to sow mustard on green manure in the fall in a greenhouse. Features of sowing
Green manure for the garden in autumn, spring and summer brings great benefits to the garden and vegetable garden. These
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Horse manure as a fertilizer: properties, pros and cons, application options
Horse manure is the natural waste of horses that occurs in large quantities. Even
Why strawberries freeze and how to prevent it
Strawberries (although it would be more accurate to call them nutmeg strawberries) are a plant that needs
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