Crocus at home: planting and caring for delicate flowers
Author of the article Daria Vorontsova Reading time: 10 minutes AA In early spring, blooming on
How to grow hollyhock (mallow) in open ground: planting and caring for flowers
The stock rose, popularly called mallow, is used to decorate fences, flower beds, and flower beds. Resistance to cold and drought
freesia flower
Freesia flower: photos, descriptions of varieties, recommendations for growing
Freesia is a delicate, poisonous plant native to South Africa. The leaves are sword-shaped or wedge-shaped
Winter garden: design features and choice of heating system
Balance of humidity and temperature Unheated winter gardens Heating of a winter garden - its types Use
Greenhouse for a summer residence
How to choose a REALLY GOOD greenhouse and not be disappointed
It is not difficult for current owners of summer cottages or country houses to purchase a greenhouse, because
Rack for seedlings from corners
DIY racks for growing seedlings with lighting
Growing seedlings is one of the most responsible and complex procedures that must be performed annually.
Exotic vegetables for greenhouses: please yourself and surprise your neighboring summer residents
Are you already fluent in the technology of growing cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers? Surely you wholeheartedly
Planting onions on feathers (on greens) in a greenhouse in the spring: the best varieties, cultivation features, yield
Any fresh greens are especially popular in winter and spring, when gardens are still covered with snow,
Greenhouse Nurse - assembly, prices, reviews
An indispensable assistant for summer residents, the “Nurse-Clever” greenhouse
When we talk about a nurse’s greenhouse, we obviously mean a specific greenhouse design,
White cabbage for pickling
Do I need to add water and sugar to sauerkraut? How to make sauerkraut correctly: recipes for tasty and healthy sauerkraut, how long to keep it under pressure, do you need to drain the brine?
Many housewives wonder whether it is necessary to put water and sugar in sauerkraut? Needed
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