Industrial Greenhouses: Top 5 Design Challenges

Industrial greenhouses imply year-round operation.
Any farmer working on the land would like the crops to continue to grow all year round. And the most active of them came up with a new way to grow plants in winter - a greenhouse. The technology for growing greenhouse plants is somewhat different from the usual method. The scope of work depends on the scale of the greenhouses. The peculiarity of large agro-industrial greenhouses is their cyclical turnover. In order for the construction to pay off, it must produce crops all year round.

Construction of industrial greenhouses: cladding materials

The construction of industrial greenhouse structures requires special knowledge, many years of experience and a large financial investment.

The construction of industrial greenhouses has a number of features. They have powerful production power and make it possible to simultaneously grow a huge number of cultivated plants. Professional greenhouses are a gigantic complex with great capabilities.

For stable operation, industrial greenhouses require the construction of a durable, high-quality coating. In addition, these structures cannot be built without a foundation, since the building has a very large weight.

Materials for covering industrial greenhouses can be:

  • Glass;
  • Polyethylene film;
  • Polycarbonate.

If glass is characterized by its heavy weight, and polyethylene film is not durable, then polycarbonate is ideal for cladding large buildings.

Arrangement of the foundation and installation of the frame

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Industrial greenhouses: drawings and design projects

Industrial greenhouses are usually distinguished by shape, size and type. Greenhouses also differ depending on the period of their use. For example, seasonal greenhouses are structures where plants are grown from early spring to late autumn. Industrial greenhouses of this type have a special advantage - they do not need to be dismantled for the winter. They are durable and strong, and they are not afraid of layers of snow on the roof.

Industrial greenhouses, the drawings and designs of which are developed by major specialists, must provide for all the factors to which the greenhouse structure may be exposed. Such calculations are made in accordance with generally accepted standards, and with mandatory consideration of all safety measures.

Year-round industrial greenhouses allow you to conduct business and make a profit all year round. This structure requires the presence of special equipment, including smart watering, lighting and heating. More often, such greenhouses involve growing flowers, in particular roses, the winter sale of which will cover all the costs of maintaining the greenhouse. In any case, at the very beginning of your journey, you need to develop your own standard enterprise development plan.

The design of industrial greenhouses should include:

  • Foundation;
  • Frame;
  • Doors;
  • Transoms;
  • Dimensions;
  • Electrical wiring;
  • Heating;
  • Lighting;
  • Water pipes.

In addition, the design must indicate the maximum load that the structure can withstand and the area it occupies.

Caring for some vegetables

To increase profits and productivity, it is necessary to understand that one crop is grown in a greenhouse. This is due to different watering needs and environmental conditions. Therefore, each greenhouse has a specific purpose or is divided into sectors at the construction stage.

To get a big harvest, you need to take care of the right conditions. If you want cucumbers to bear a lot of fruit, then you need them to trail upward. To do this, racks are built and threads are pulled. They act as a guide.

Tomatoes and peppers need more rigid support. After all, their fruits are heavier and there is a danger of damage to the plant itself under their weight. Please note that sweet and bitter peppers should be separated into different compartments. If you grow them in the same bed, the sweet peppers may become bitter. Cabbage does not require additional equipment and gets along well with other crops. It also produces fruit all year round.

What is better than film for industrial greenhouses: types of coatings

In the middle and end of the last century, greenhouse structures were mainly glass or film, and had wooden frames. These materials gave the desired result, but at great expense, and required constant repairs, and sometimes even replacement of the coating.

With the advent of polycarbonate, films for industrial greenhouses are no longer used. Owners of greenhouse complexes saved themselves from the need to change the film covering every year, and provided the structures with reliable, energy-intensive protection in the form of polycarbonate sheathing.

The structure of the polycarbonate sheet allows the structure to be provided with many necessary factors that will increase the productivity of the greenhouse several times.

Pros of polycarbonate sheet:

  • Low price;
  • Durability and strength;
  • Performs well under sudden temperature changes;
  • High thermal insulation;
  • Flexibility, which allows the production of greenhouses of different shapes.
  • Lets in the required amount of sunlight and disperses it correctly;
  • Installation of such structures is simple;
  • Very easy to care for.

Due to the fact that the polycarbonate sheet consists of small honeycomb voids, it has very low thermal conductivity, which is very good for a greenhouse, especially a winter, industrial one.

Conditions for growing greenhouse cucumbers

A warm greenhouse provides the plantings with the necessary microclimatic conditions. But human participation is certainly required! If you plan to open a large peasant farm, then you cannot do it without outside help - you will need to hire 2-3 employees to carry out land work. This will entail additional costs, but will also increase the quality and quantity of the harvest.

Let us outline the important conditions for growing cucumbers in a greenhouse:

  • regular watering,
  • constant treatment of plants with drugs against diseases and pests,
  • loosening and fertilizing the soil.

Harvesting occurs as the vegetables ripen. Before sale, products are stored in a dry, dark room. Wooden boxes are used.

It would be great if you have the opportunity to consult with an experienced farmer. You will learn what methods of growing cucumbers are put into practice and delve into the secrets of caring for plantings.

Production of industrial greenhouses: a deliberate approach to business

The use of cellular polycarbonate for the construction of industrial structures is easily explained by the excellent qualities of this material. Such greenhouses have good thermal insulation, which makes it possible to maintain the required temperature regime.

The production of modern industrial greenhouses is a responsible technological process that requires a serious, competent approach. The production of such structures begins with the development of a working design, which must include all the technical parameters of the object.

To correctly draw up the drawings, the customer must accurately determine the list of plants that he will grow and the volumes of vegetables produced. A whole book has even been written about the design of industrial greenhouse structures. The leader in the production of large greenhouse complexes are the Dutch specialists of the manufacturing company Venlo.

Industrial greenhouses are produced in the following types:

  • Arched;
  • Rectangular;
  • Trapezoidal;
  • Pyramid;
  • Single-pitch;
  • Tunnel.

With the advent of polycarbonate on the construction market, greenhouses began to be made primarily in arched shapes, as this model is most easily suitable for flexible material. But it is not suitable for a wooden frame, so a metal profile is used to build the skeleton.

Design of industrial greenhouses: customers and contractors

Large greenhouse structures are built mainly by large farms, agro-industrial complexes and owners of large estates. In order to begin construction of such a complex, it is necessary to take a number of appropriate measures.

Designing industrial greenhouses is an intermediate stage between the start of construction and its completion. In order to properly prepare for organizing a large greenhouse farm, it is necessary to start by obtaining all the necessary permits.

First of all, you need to “settle” the issue of the right to use the land plot, enter into a lease agreement, or obtain ownership of the land. In addition, it is necessary to obtain permission from the authorities to construct the facility. And only after this can you begin to think about the greenhouse itself, or greenhouses, their forms, types and types.

When choosing a location for a greenhouse complex, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Wooded area. An area where trees grow densely will not be suitable for a greenhouse. In addition to the fact that the crowns will shade the structure, the roots will also prevent the plants from forming a full-fledged root system.
  2. Pay attention to the landscape. Highlands are not suitable for greenhouses, nor are lowlands. The first ones will be very exposed to winds, and the second ones will have standing water when it rains.
  3. Take an interest in the soil. It is very difficult to add new soil to large greenhouses. It is better to initially install the greenhouse on black soil. If you are unlucky and the soil composition of the area you already own is poor, then it may be worth considering using hydroponic growing methods in the greenhouse.
  4. You will need full communications: electricity and water, as well as the possibility of transport links.
  5. Consider the height of your greenhouse. You will have to work a lot in them, and in uncomfortable conditions, labor productivity will be low.
  6. Choose durable materials. The best thing is metal structures coated with polycarbonate. It is also possible to glaze greenhouses with double-glazed windows. Less durable buildings will not justify themselves, and will ruin you with their repairs alone.

You can find out all the details about the design of industrial greenhouses in Russia on the website

Reviews from our clients

Feedback on the business plan of a mushroom farm for growing champignons.
We received a loan from Sberbank in the amount of 70 million rubles for the development of a mushroom farm for growing champignons . Thanks to Plan-Pro for a high-quality business plan. A good marketing research was carried out, the break-even point was calculated, and the expected income and expenses of the company were reasonably calculated.

Igor Nikolaevich, Tambov

Feedback on a business plan for an industrial year-round winter greenhouse for growing vegetables

The greenhouse business plan developed by the Plan-Pro team allowed us to attract private investment in the amount of 30 million rubles. During the work, the company's consultant demonstrated deep professionalism and understanding of the specifics of our project. The investors agreed to work with us, so thank you very much.

Alena Podkaminskaya, Commercial Director, Yaroslavl

Feedback on a business plan for growing strawberries in open ground

A business plan for growing strawberries was downloaded from the website simple diagrams and formulas, a comprehensive assessment of the project’s payback. Thanks to this plan, they were able to obtain a loan of 20 million rubles from Rosselkhozbank for the development of a project for growing strawberries in open ground.

Natalya M.V., Krasnodar region

Feedback on a business plan for a hydroponic greenhouse for growing strawberries and vegetables

We needed a high-quality business plan to plan a strategy for the further operation of a hydroponic greenhouse; and contacted Plan-Pro. We liked the finished business plan. The descriptions and calculations are extremely clear and logical; there is no need to think about where each figure comes from. Easy to make changes and edits. The financial model and the product itself are at a good level.

Dmitry Korolenko, Naberezhnye Chelny

Feedback on a crop farming business plan for growing wheat and other grain crops

We managed to attract a private investor and receive financing in the amount of 140 million rubles. The business plan for growing grains was developed according to the UNIDO standard. The document turned out to be clear, all our wishes and the specifics of the industry were taken into account.

Lyubov Andreevna, farmer, Voronezh region

Review of a business plan for an industrial winter greenhouse for growing vegetables

When I decided to start my own business, the choice fell on organizing a greenhouse complex. The essence of agriculture is well known to me, and the climatic conditions allow it. The main problem at the initial stage of building a business was the lack of funds for start-up capital. To solve it, an accurate financial plan was required. For help in creating it, I turned to the Plan Pro company, where I purchased a ready -made business plan for a winter greenhouse for growing vegetables , in particular tomatoes . The calculation system proposed to me easily determined the payback period and economic efficiency. Thanks to this, I was not only approved for a bank loan in the amount of 5 million rubles, but also managed to enlist the support of an external investor (7 million rubles)

Vyazovov A.P. Individual entrepreneur. Rostov region.

Construction of industrial greenhouses: heating and lighting

Heating an industrial greenhouse always becomes a pressing problem during the cold season. Each owner of a greenhouse complex is looking for his own way out of this situation. Some solve the problem with the help of anthracite coal, some are satisfied with the air heating system, others are introducing small and large Russian and global heating technologies of the new generation.

Heating for industrial greenhouses can be installed with your own hands, or they can be manufactured by a factory that produces finished and component products.

Lighting in large structures is no less important. Especially if the greenhouse “works” in winter. For lighting equipment, new LED lamps and fixtures are installed, starting to turn them on as soon as the seeds germinate. Don't forget about the irrigation system.

Irrigation systems are:

  • Drip;
  • Autonomous;
  • Ordinary;
  • Air.

Ventilation also plays an important role. Recently, taking into account 2022, an automatic ventilation system with the installation of curtains has been actively used. You just need to set the sensors correctly, and the circuits will do everything for you.

Examples of industrial greenhouses (photos)

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